Friday, February 8, 2013

Week-2: 2.5: String Variable

String Variable:
As well as storing number values, variables can hold text. You can store just one character, or
lots of characters. To store just one character, the char variable is used. Usually, though, you'll
want to store more than one character. To do so, you need the string variable type.

Start a new project for this by clicking File > New Project from the menu bar at the top of
NetBeans. When the New Project dialogue box appears, make sure Java and Java Application
are selected:

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  1. Id : 201420763
    batch : 46th

    packege stringvariable;
    public class stringvariable{

    public static void main(String)[]args{
    first_name = Rashed;
    last_name = Prodhania;
    System.out .println(first_name+" " + last_name);